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Classes For Everyone Age 5-6: It's time for their first step on to the stage! This group of performers gets to choose their favorite character from our show. We work on the basic building blocks of performance and self confidence. We spend most of our time playing games, dancing, speaking lines in front of the class and singing their favorite songs. With a final performance on the big stage for friends and family.


Classes For everyone Ages 7-10: With no audition required, these classes are meant to build confidence, get experience on stage, and most of all have fun. Everyone registered gets a part suiting their skill level and catering to their strengths. We spend time in class learning our show for the semester by practicing movement, spacial awareness, public speaking, singing and dancing. We play acting games to help students feel comfortable expressing themselves and give them the stepping stones to the stage. These classes are for kids that are experiencing the stage for the first time AND kids with a background in theater/singing/dancing. Classes are a non-competitive, low- pressure environment to nurture and learn in. Performing a full production on the big stage with costumes provided at the end of the semester is a highlight!


Star Performers: A "by audition only" group for our more experienced actors or students who are ready to take on a challenge. Classes are longer and more advanced than our “Classes for Everyone”. Parts are cast based on auditions, experience and talent, and ability to work well with others! In class we focus on script study, blocking, choreography, character analysis and working well together as a unit. We put a big emphasize on singing and strengthening our voices, our ability to feel rhythm and hear pitch. We spend time playing acting games to strengthen our improvisational skills, continue to grow on-stage confidence and of course have fun. WIth multiple shows on the big stage with costumes provided these students get to feel comfortable in the spotlight.


Group Singing Classes: These classes are offered for our "Classes for Everyone" & "Star Performers". In our group singing classes we learn technique, rhythm & pitch.


Boulder Performing Arts Co. has been serving families of the Boulder area for over forty years.  Pollyanna started BPAC while she was putting herself through school as a modern dancer at CU Boulder.



After earning her degree she attended Duke University on a graduate lighting and stage craft scholarship. Furthering her knowledge in the theater and performance world. She worked with historical greats Betty Jones of the Jose Limon Dance CO., Peggy Lehman of Martha Graham Co. , The Paul Taylor Dance Company and Momix. She then created her own modern dance company and performed. After having her kids Pollyanna kept her business going and her kids occupied by teaching children's dance, theater, film and music lessons.

"If you have been a student at BPAC then you already know the reason they are so special. Every student, no matter talent or skill is treated with kindness and understanding. They are self-esteem focused and fun-loving but willing to challenge their students and meet them at their level.  Some of my favorite memories are of putting on productions and making friends at my acting and dance lessons. 
- Lindsay M. (student from 2000-2010)

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